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News from my world

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 21, 2011, 10:21 AM
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It's time for my once-every-half-year journal entry.

Since Christmas I've got a couple of new jobs (a little illustration company on my own, and a washing job), I've been playing my guitar and tried archery, which seems to be my kind of sport! (You don't have to run or be very strong.) This lead me to another new hobby: Leather crafting! Because I'm going to make myself an arm guard, and I want to decorate it somehow. So far I've made an hair clip and a bracelet.
Also I've been making a medieval dress for a friend, and I'm currently sewing a 1890's skirt for a local event. That's all I guess.

Wishing you a great summer!

  • Listening to: the voices in my head, as usual.
  • Reading: The Knight Templar by Jan Guillou
  • Drinking: hot chocolat
I seem to update this journal about twice a year. Strange.

Anyhow, this autumn I have been drawing quite a bit, I just haven't updated my DA gallery. I'll try to improve. Promise. :P

You'll find more drawings at my blog ;)
  • Listening to: the voices in my head, as usual.
  • Reading: I am Scrooge - A Zombie Story for Christmas
  • Watching: the stars.
  • Playing: my new guitar <3
Somehow I am now an illustrator. I finished school now in June, and it feels very strange not to go back to that place.    

At the moment I live in a pile of cardboard boxes at my parents' and intend to stay there for a while. (Soon without the boxes, hopefully.)
And I have finally got an ikea lightboard, so no excuses not to draw.;)However it is still in a box, and I haven't got a proper lamp for it yet. But soon, I say!

So if you need a drawing or an illustration, please don't hesitate to ask!

And I do hope you all have an amazing summer! :D
  • Listening to: the voices in my head, as usual.
  • Watching: the piles of cardboard boxes in my room
  • Eating: water melon
  • Listening to: the voices in my head, as usual.
  • Reading: the Christmas part of HP5
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: with my Christmas presents
  • Eating: pepperkaker
  • Drinking: gløgg
In 2010 I intend to show you more of what I do at school. And perhaps some silly sketches from around midnight...

Happy new year to you all!
  • Listening to: the voices in my head
  • Reading: some parts of HP6 and 7. Again.
  • Watching: the walls in my bedroom
  • Playing: with poi
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: water
I've seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am happy. I've got a summer job. I read many books these days. I've seen Les Miserables. I'm preparing to repaint my bedroom. I'm trying to make myself a blog. Sort of. I've got lots of ideas of things to draw. And I am not drawing nearly as much as I'd like to. The end. ;)

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Some pictures this time. ;)

Comments, anyone ?
I'm here at last! Huzzah!
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